Sponsor Your Family to Canada

Sponsor your Family & Relatives to Canada

Family Class Sponsorship Canada

Canadian Family Class

The Canadian Family Class allows some family members like dependent children and spouses to be included on the initial visa application if you are a new immigrant looking to migrate to Canada.

On the other hand grandparents, parents and other family members will have to be sponsored by citizens or permanent residents of Canada.

In order to qualify for the Canadian Family Class Sponsorship there are various requirements that must be met as seen below.

Spouse & Partners

Your common-law partner or spouse are individuals recognized as spouse or partner as long as they have been living with that partner for more than a year.

Same sex partners are also considered. The same or similar information that you provide for yourself on the form will also be needed for your spouse on their form.

Our consultant team will be more than happy to assist you throughout the process.


Since August 2014 only dependents who are children younger than age 19 are allowed to be included in your visa application for processing other than cases where children who have various mental or physical disabilities and health conditions who automatically have no age limit.

In the past children could be included up to age 22 years.

Parents & Grandparents

At often time parents are not required to be included on your visa application, but should instead be sponsored by a Canadian permanent citizen or resident other than in some rare cases where the parents or grandparents are existing in some type of suffering.

Please note that the Canadian government must find persuasive humanitarian reasons to allow them to be involved in the preliminary application process.