Canadian citizenship

Applying for a Canadian Citizenship? We can help!

Canadian Citizenship

Before you can be eligible to qualify for your Canadian citizenship via naturalization, you must have a minimum of 4 years of permanent status as a Canadian resident during the preceding 6 years.

Please note that there are additional requirements that you must meet in order to get your permanent Canadian Citizenship which includes:

  • Paying processing fees
  • Not be under removal order
  • Have adequate knowledge of Citizenship Language Requirement, if you are below age 64
  • Have no criminal prohibition
  • Must be 18 years or older

One you have met the above criteria you are required to send your application to our office so that our expert consultants can review it to see that the four years residence rule has been met.

You will then be required to attend an interview to demonstrate your knowledge of Canada in one of Canada’s Official Languages.

You will be invited to the interview within approximately twelve months after submitting your application.

In the year 2014, about 270 000 individuals who applied for their Canadian Citizenship, were granted. This is your time to capitalize on gaining your Canadian Citizenship through our co consultant company. Contact us today.