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Canadian Experience Class

As a temporary foreign worker your chances of economic integration as a permanent resident is likely to increase drastically. Individuals who are members of the Canadian Experience Class have basically created essential networks through Canada as temporary immigrants and international students. The Canadian Experience Class is well structured under a pass or fail criteria, which means that successful candidates of this class will be accepted once they meet the entry level requirements (and are not in breach or violation for reasons such as medical or criminal inadmissibility). Upon successfully meeting the requirements for the selection criteria for the Canadian Immigration Experience Class program will then obtain permanent residency of Canada.

Applicants to the Canadian Experience Class program must first meet the following requirements. Applicants must have at least:

12 months minimum “skilled”, trained or technical working experience within Canada over a 36 months period from the date of application; and

Have achieved a Canadian Language Benchmark/Standard (CLB) with a threshold of 5 (“initial intermediate”) or 7 (“adequate intermediate proficiency”) subject to the job being used to be eligible; also

All applicants must not have any intentions of living in the province of Quebec.

It is required that all applicants must provide evidence of their employment experience, including paystubs, reference letters and tax documents. Applicants experience can only be that which was acquired through proper authorization from the federal government of Canada.

CEC Applicants are allowed to stay in Canada during the application process and applicants are free to choose to apply for the Canadian Experience Class from outside or within Canada, once their Canadian work experience was obtained within three years prior to submission of their application. If you are presently working in Canada and your current temporary work permit is about to expire before your CEC application is able to be processed, and the best option for you would be the “bridging open work permit”. A “bridging open work permit” is capable of granting applicants the ability to be working though they are awaiting a final resolution on their permanent resident application for the Canadian Experience Class program.